SELCT. can simply be defined by its definition in the dictionary: carefully choose as being the best or most suitable.

Although in this case not a verb, SELCT. offers automated marketing solutions for your business. We offer a wide range of services across e-commerce (management and setup), email marketing and automation, digital and brand strategy, as well as website analytics and custom-built reports and dashboards. If you’re business is online already or you’re looking to go online then we can help.  

With everyone and their dog online these days it’s becoming increasingly difficult to build and grow your business. However, the same ease to which everyone and their dog can get online are the same ways that you will be able to grow your business. This is who you’re competing with by the way!

The same principle can be applied to finding the right partner to help you along the way…

We like to think that by being on our website and possibly partnering with us, you are ‘carefully choosing’ your ‘most suitable’ partner. If that’s not the case, then continue the read and browse a little longer to keep Google and our bounce rate happy.


SELCT. was started by a guy named Rob, and if you’ve ever met Rob you’ll know he likes 3 things: cricket, pizza, and automation. You’re probably not here to chat cricket or pizza, though.

Rob has worked across a variety of different brands spanning across many different categories in a full service advertising agency as well as in a digital agency. These brands range from Bidvest Car Rental to Futurelife Cereal, Jack Daniel’s to Turbo King (Heineken-owned beer), and many others including cosmetics, online sports and education brands in South Africa and the U.K.

Marketing can be a frustrating process if you don’t see the returns you’re expecting, but it can be even more frustrating if you’re on the receiving end of some dysfunctional email workflow or being shown the same pop up every 2 seconds after you’ve closed it. Enter Rob and his automation…

The above frustrations can be eradicated via efficient processes and a streamlined strategy. Start sending trigger-based emails off the back of user behaviour along with advanced database segmentation to better understand and communicate with your audience.

Want to hear more? Let’s grab a coffee (or a slice) and see how we can work together. Get in touch here.
FYI -  SELCT. is currently made up of Rob (doer of everything) and Buddy (Chief Happiness Officer & in charge of client satisfaction). Unsatisfied? Buddy will be over in no time to fix the issue.


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